Depending upon the structure of your manuscript, its preface, introduction, or Chapter 1 will be Arabic page 1. Dot matrix-type printers are acceptable only if they have pin print capability or higher. Which publishing option do I select in ProQuest? The University Archives staff will review your manuscript via the ETD system and will not accept it unless it has been appropriately prepared. Sample List of Figures 7.

Sample List of Tables 7. It is not official and it is not maintained by Special Collections and Archives. For identification purposes, the label affixed to the media covers or cases must include the following information:. Upon submitting your manuscript electronically, University Archives will automatically send you a verification email stating your submission has been received. For manuscripts submitted on paper, you must use 8. The University Archives is not able to approve extensions. The Careful Writer , by Theodore M.

uci dissertation formatting

If there are changes to be made as a result of this review, you must correct them before the University Archives will accept your manuscript.

Graduate Student Deadlines Available at: We do not maintain an official LaTeX template. If the template formattinf are using includes a Signature Page you do not have a current accurate template.

uci dissertation formatting

Points to Double Check]. Be aware that your particular school or discipline’s criteria for preparation and submission of manuscripts may vary from this manual.

UCI Theses & Dissertations

Therefore, when typing your manuscript, stay well within the margin requirements. References Section Bibliography Format the references or bibliography in fotmatting style most commonly used in your academic discipline including the placement of references at the end of each chapter if necessary.


Where can I get help creating a PDF version of my manuscript? You can also see samples of all of the preliminary pages in Section 7. The title page, copyright page, dedication page if usedlists of figures, tables, symbols, or illustrations, acknowledgments page, curriculum vitae Ph.

For paper submissions, electronic or audiovisual data should be submitted as follows. Be consistent in the use of typeface s uvi your manuscript.

What are the benefits to me of having my thesis or dissertation available in eScholarshop Open Access? All formatting requirements specified in this manual must be adhered to.

FAQ and Privacy Statement. Use only black, permanent, non-smearing ink for handwritten symbols or formulas, drawings, diacritical marks, etc. Theses or dissertations that do not ucj the formatting requirements in the manual will not be accepted and the student will be told what needs to be changed and will be referred to certain section s of the manual for formatting requirements.

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They take precedence over any style manuals ofrmatting by your academic discipline or adopted by your committee. Use the spell-checker on your word-processing program, but manually proofread your text as well.

Page numbers may be manually typed in a different typeface than that used for the text if, for example, it is not possible for your word processing software to place the number correctly, fofmatting as when using a landscape-positioned graphic or photographic papers as full pages.

If students provided supplementary material with their dissertations e.

Number the subsequent pages consecutively to the end of your manuscript including any appendices and the bibliography. A Guide to Citing Electronic Information. Consult with your committee about the internal arrangement within the text and reference sections.


The University Archives staff will review your manuscript via the ETD system and will not accept it unless it has been appropriately prepared. Check each page before submitting your manuscript to the University Archives to ensure that there are no missing or misnumbered pages. The sections are the introduction, each chapter, the bibliography, and each appendix.

UCI Theses and Dissertations Manual – 1. Basic Information for the Candidate

Basic Information for the Candidate 1. There are no defaults either way, this is an option you must select. A pre-submission critique is available to all students who would like to have their formatting reviewed prior to meeting with their committee members. Follow the Requirements in this Manual The requirements in this manual pertain to manuscript formatting, manuscript submission, and copyright matters.

Where is University Archives located and how can I reach you? The print should be letter quality with dark black characters that are consistently clear and dense. Paper Submissions The print should be letter quality with dark black characters that are consistently clear and dense.

Your Responsibilities as a Candidate 1. Pay the Filing Fee 1.