Unconventional use of punctuations Punctuations like question marks and exclamation points were the ones used in an exaggerated manner. Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following questions: Hacker as cited in Raclaw in his study on Ellipsis as a Discourse Marker in Computer-Mediated Communication, pointed out that speakers made use of the ellipsis in ways that went beyond its traditional uses within writing: The noticeable patterns of the jejemon writing were also considered. Mona Valisno, a representative of DepEd told parents to keep their kids from falling into the Jejemon trap before they forget how to spell the actual words in English or Fili- pino. Hate groups called Jejebusters, grammar Nazis, from social networking sites such as Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts were made to bash them.

As a new language that is made up of mostly symbols and phonetics, it alarmed the Depart- ment of Education in the Philippines. This study is significant for forthcoming researchers who will make similar studies on the topic Jejemon since only few tried to deal with the case which became a big issue in the local setting. Some made use of the election paraphernalia to oppose them. After the occurrences were identified, the corpuses were analyzed according to the morphological transformations and the noticeable patterns in the jejemon style of writings. Hence, this research paper is focused on not only proving that these misconceptions are erroneous, but also, providing the benefits in terms of social and individual aspects one can gain from them.

One of the forums is from the site PinoyExchange, which left different comments such as http: Remember me on this computer. The morphological transformations included in the researhc were: Such stylistic expressions may oaper morphological transformations. A form of typing used by Jejemons to communicate with one another. Lastly, we recommend to the readers to try reading this research of ours and apply the guide or rules we have research for your queries regarding the use of shortcut text messaging.


As can be gleaned on the table, the major social influences of the respondents were their text mates, closed friends, peers and the media that they are exposed with. Sometimes, they baffle people by con- structing text messages that are informal, frustrating and confusing to an ordinary reader who uses the formal English language.

This implies that teachers, as well as parents, can control the usage of jejemon texting style during study periods at home and in the school.


The Jejenese is not just confined to Pinoy Jejemons. Eventually other schools picked this up. It is the process by which people make, exchange, and perceive information using networked telecommunications system or non-networked computers that facilitate encoding, transmitting and decoding messages.

Teenagers, who are more exposed to technological reseaech such as the internet, create innovations in their language and such innovations are accepted and shared by their speech community.

This was never true. Corollary to these factors are the contribution of their parents, text mates and media that they are exposed with. It is more likely that people are looking at only one perspective which caused them to conclude such things. Jolog came from Rwsearch.

research paper jejemon

Learn first on how you will manage to familiarize using the method. Nevertheless, Gao pointed out that when the society changes, language mirrors the reality of that society that will also undergo transformation. Third, they make the communication hard because of complex word spelling. The Morphological Transformation evident in jejenese were not necessarily employed to provide convenient facility of the language.

research paper jejemon

People should stop stereotyping and judging other people by their style since everyone has their reesarch to express themselves freely.

This feature is the most used in the data. It is the interest of the researchers to further understand this phenomenon since it has been printed in the national newspapers, reported in the national television network, and the Department of Education has expressed their disapproval to this phenomenon, however, this type of writing has been very popular resesrch the younger generation. She also has encouraged the teachers to use proper spelling and grammar to teach the students. Due to limited time, the researcher intensively elaborated on the main point which is a big issue regarding not only the Filipinos but also the international citizens, language.


Unlike texters who found it tiring to compose complete words and found it easier to shorten their text, jejemons jejemmon otherwise. Because of the unusual way of rexearch, those outsiders would never get the chance to understand the thread. On the other hand, the results further suggest an emerging trend and relationship if measures are not to be done.

research paper jejemon

In this study, there were no observable occurrences of formulaic expression that took place. Future researchers can contemplate and do further research on other linguistic innovation phenomena evident in computer-mediated communication.

According to the UrbanDictionary.

Research Data Twelve posts of jejemon phrases in different Facebook accounts are used as the corpus of the study. Skip to main content.

The Effects of Jejemon Essay

Learning the language required study of the eight categories in written text and the development of rules for their use in translation. The winning word was chosen based on its impact on the socio-cultural, political, social, economic and other aspects of Filipino life in the past 2 years.

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