Not everyone gets to deliver a graduation speech. My father-in-law was one of the most committed Athenians I have ever known, and he spent his entire adult life working as a dress cutter on Seventh Avenue in New York City. To a Visigoth, there is no measure of artistic excellence except popularity. To be an Athenian is to understand that the thread which holds civilized society together is thin and vulnerable; therefore, Athenians place great value on tradition, social restraint, and continuity. The first group lived about 2, years ago in the place which we now call Greece, in a city they called Athens. The student responses offer insight into how the students see themselves and into their future plans.

But before proceeding, it’s important to comment about the age of this text. Since Visigoths are polar opposites to Athenians, I have omitted what Postman said about Athenians, and instead give you what he said about Visigoths. Eventually, like the rest of us, you must be on one side or the other. Insight, which can otherwise seep through the thickest of skulls, cannot pierce mortarboard. Too good, in fact, to be wasted on the young:

They believed in beauty. The reason for telling the graduates about these people?

My graduation speech by Neil Postman Paper

On the other hand, I know physicians, lawyers, and engineers who are Visigoths of unmistakable persuasion. The student responses offer insight into how the students see themselves and into their future plans.

graduation speech athenians visigoths

America’s most influential journal of religion and public life. I have used the speech in several ways over the years.

Kasemphaibulsuk2 The Visigoths discovered that the factors that intrigued and pleased the general masses should be the factors to be used to control them.


Since Visigoths are polar opposites to Visigohts, I have omitted what Postman said about Athenians, and instead give you what he said about Visigoths. I pass out the text of the speech and give students time to read it and take notes on the characteristics of Athenians and Visigoths.

You must be an Athenian or a Visigoth. This article tells of the greed of Paul Coffin, who is an ad executive, a remorseless invoicer, and an Olympic biller, who feigns to act as a moral as possible, but Kasemphaibulsuk4 in reality is guilty of countless cases of corruption.

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Athenians and Visigoths: Neil Postman’s Graduation Speech |

Smith is the story of a husband and a wife who are both assassins. They visigoyhs as devoid of artistic production as we’ve learned. We’re at the end of the school year. We will write a custom paper sample on My graduation speech by Neil Postman specifically for you.

graduation speech athenians visigoths

Intellectual Retreats Erasmus Lectures. How about atheniasn it original? Furthermore, the desire to win and supersede others is shown in the exploitation of violence registered by the characters in the film Mr.

It will take me about twelve minutes to speak all of them and I must tell you that such economy was not easy for me to arrange, because I have chosen as my topic the complex subject of your ancestors. My graduation speech by Neil Postman Paper. To a Visigoth, one word is as good as another, one sentence in distinguishable from another.

Too good, in fact, to be wasted on the young: I thought it might be useful to ask ourselves if we resemble Visigoths or their opposites: I am well aware that on a day of such high excitement, what you require, first and foremost, of any speaker is brevity.


The Thinker: Visigoths v. Athenians–the Visigoths Are Winning

Unmasking a Troubling Text Unit Smith, the main characters are portrayed as humans fanatical with the desire to fight, and to surpass the each other, which are all Kasemphaibulsuk3 ideas befitting the Visigoths. A modern Visigoth is interested only in his own affairs and has no sense of yraduation meaning of community. View spfech privacy policy here. Of course, it is much harder to be an Athenian, for you must learn how to be one, you must work at being one, whereas we are all, in a way, natural-born Visigoths.

I have no difficulty imagining that Plato, Aristotle, or Democritus would be quite at home in our class rooms. They believed in reason. To further explain, Extreme Makeover displays the lavish idea of the creation of beauty in women in order to raise the television ratings to compete in the race to supersede the other television series airing http: After completing their reflections, students handed in their visiboths.

graduation speech athenians visigoths

And, finally, to be an Athenian is to esteem the discipline, skill, and taste that are required to produce enduring art.