Modestly priced radar-based technology to forecast cloudbursts would have saved lives. Whereas, when seen from the perspective of geologists, if stricter regulations would have existed then the losses from the destructions would have been lesser. Thanks for share such a fabulous information. And when it rains heavily in that region, landslides and flood follow. No damage at the Kedarnath Temple occurred. Large scale deforestation and construction of hundreds of buildings in the flood plains of rivers have taken place.

This paper also talks about increase in risks of natural disaster in the area as a result of increasing anthropogenic activities and likely increase in such trend from pilgrimage and tourism. Rainfall and atmospheric pressure recorded at Kopardhar observatory near Ghuttu WIHG , which is approximately 38 km aerial distance from Kedarnath. They do not necessarily represent the views of the American Geophysical Union. Based on the available rainfall data from our observatory at Chorabari glacier, the area received maximum precipitation during the rainy season, i. I think that the proffesional peoples working with water in different ways have to share their experience and lessons learnt from different situations from daily work in order to under stand all of us climate changes facts and causes and to prevent if possible. Garhwal Himalaya is considered adobe of Gods: Many Indian newspapers have a commentary, although it is not clear as to whether this is based on fact or speculation.

The Kedarnath debris flow disaster in Uttarakhand – The Landslide Blog – AGU Blogosphere

And also the glacier snout was broken at the time of breach which we also found at the site and was also confirmed by the locals there. Does it mean that the phenomena was driven by localized anthropogenic activities with in Kedarnath area where the breach of lake led to devastation? Events News of heavy continuous rain and rising water level in Bhagirathi river started flooding Uttarkashi facebook group on 16 June.


Does this argument substantiate the level and intensity of the flood that hit the Kedarnath township during 16 and 17 June ! The elevation of Kedarnath area is higher than 3,m.

essay on landslide in kedarnath

Every section of the society is having a laneslide story to say following their scientific knowledge, belief in God and nature and many more things. The waters deluged towns and villages, submerging some buildings under several feet of mud, asphyxiating life. Growth of tourism 3. In speech after speech, they provided political leadership and support to reach an ambitious and effective climate change agreement by….

India portal Nepal portal Disasters portal s portal. A couple of things to note here — first, the amount kedarnayh debris below the glacier on the left side of the image suggests a pretty active, and quite steep, sediment transport system.

essay on landslide in kedarnath

Hell has broken loose in the adobe of Gods. The film is based on a couple facing difficulties during the disaster. I wished for something meaningful and more informative.

Your email address will not be published. It also talks about obstruction of natural flow path channel due to man made structure leading to deviation in flow path. But slowly, it dawn on me that I would have certainly abandoned idea of a trek in such weather; but if I landdslide sheltered in a concrete building in Kedarnath, I would have considered it safe.

I was hooked to news: July and August Figure 4. And of landelide it goes without saying that better communications infrastructure clubbed with better intelligence could have saved many lives that are lost in the Uttarakhand region. I have heard from several people who visited the four pilgrimage sites after a gap of a decade or more that hotels and vehicles have increased manifolds.

Uttarakhand floods Nature or Human have aggravated the miseries

There were several reports of floods and landslides. Six-hundred and eight villages, covering a population of , in 23 districts of Uttar Pradesh were affected by the flood and drought. The second event occurred on 17 June at 6: Responsive disaster management 6. Several shallow landslides are visible in photos and satellite images, but there was a major landslide above the glacier with m length, 75m width and an altitude difference of m from crown to channel.


Retrieved 22 June If infrastructure is within those parameters, I guess it wouldn’t be as easy as it is today for anyone and everyone to go on pilgrimage. To me, it occurred that this may have something to do with the transmission and propagation of seismic waves-that is, the direction, the intensity and most importantly, the medium which is the formation.

I figured that, even if it is not satisfactory, the best I could do was to contribute material and money to NGOs and organizations that are active there. This paper also talks about increase in risks of natural disaster in the area as a result of increasing anthropogenic activities and likely increase in such trend from pilgrimage and tourism.

Rescue operations Operation Surya Hope is in process to save the survivors of the disaster. Number of dams and power plants have definitely gone up several folds in last decade. The Wall Street Journal. Ideas and opinions expressed on this site are kandslide of the authors and commenters alone.

essay on landslide in kedarnath

Landslidesdue to the floods, damaged several houses and structures, killing those who were trapped.